• Left push button
  • Right push button
  • Programming button
  • DIP switches



Pairing is the process of telling the garage door that this remote is allowed to operate it. The unit needs to be opened by removing the 4 small phillips screw retaining the cover. Be sure to reinstall the cover after pairing.

  • Start with the Right button. The procedure can be repeated with the left button if you are programming a second door.

Note: The right button will require 3 taps of the brake lever where the left button requires 2 taps

  • Always begin by pressing and holding the Programming button until the LED lights. Now press the “Learn” button on the back of your garage door opener. Enter the code for your model of opener using this chart:
  1. Linear® Mega-Code ’97-Current
  2. Chamberlain®   Orange ’97-’05
  3. Chamberlain® Purple ’05-Current
  4. Chamberlain® Green ’93-’96
  5. Genie® Overhead Door® Intellicode ’95-’05
  6. Genie® Overhead Door® Intellicode ’05-Current
  7. Stanley® Secure Code ’98
  8. Wayne Dalton®  Rolling Code ’99

If you have a Chamberlain® receiver with a Purple color code then use code 3. Just press the Right button 3 times.

When the code is accepted the door will close or the light on the garage door opener will turn on. Press the Programming button on the remote again and the LED should turn off.

For DIP switches:

Many early receivers and several current gated communities use small switches, called DIP switches, to set the proper code for the remote. If your receiver uses switches then the procedure is a little different. If your receiver has DIP switches take a close look at them and match the DIP switches on the remote to your receiver. Press the Programming button until the LED lights up and enter the code using this list:

  1. Chamberlain® 9 Position ’90-’92
  2. Chamberlain® 9 Position Canada ’83-’89
  3. Genie® 12 Position ’85
  4. Linear Multicode® 10 Position ’76
  5. Chamberlain® 8 Position ’83-’89
  6. Stanley/Multicode® 10 Position ’76
  7. Genie® 9 Position ’85
  8. Linear®  Moore-O-Matic®  8 Position ’76
  9. Chamberlain® 7 Position ’83-’89

If you have a Genie door opener with 9 switches press the Left button 1 times.

Press the Programming button again and the LED should turn off.

You’re all set. Next install the BRAKEITUP unit.

Tip: For safety reasons, please only use BRAKEITUP with garage doors equipped with an electric eye that prevents the door from accidentally coming down on you.

Installing BRAKEITUP on your motorcycle, car, golf cart, snowmobile or ATV follow the video instructions on our website or follow the instructions on the back of this page.

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