Your brake lever can be the remote control for your garage. Or your gate. Or the entry to your building. Or your subdivision. Just tap your brakes twice and your door opens, three times for a 2nd door. No more getting out of your gear and fumbling for your remote. The BRAKEITUP does not need a new receiver unit for your garage and you don’t have to tap into the wiring on any Harley Davidson touring model from 1994-on.

The BRAKEITUP works with your Golf Cart, or even your car. If you have a Harley touring bike then just plug it in. An adapter pigtail is available for other bikes. It’s easy and fast. You can control two different doors or entry gates with a single unit. Best of all, the BRAKEITUP works with the modern “learning mode” secure receivers. Pair it with your receiver just like any other remote. And it works with older style garage door receivers that use DIP switches.

You can get the BRAKEITUP at your local Harley dealership. If they don’t have one in stock just let us know and we’ll have the parts department put one aside for you. The service guys will even install it if you wish. Convenience has never been this convenient. Suggest List Price $129, not including installation. So let your bikes do the work and enjoy the ride.